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Keepsakes that tell your story.

The only waterproof Breastmilk & Ashes jewellery that doesn't turn yellow.

Create your Keepsake from anything special to you.

From breastmilk to ashes, hair & fingerprints. Your inclusions are preserved in a waterproof keepsake stone you can carry with you everyday.

As we journey through life, chapters come and go.

Sometimes, the only thing we have to remind us is a token, something small, something we've kept all this time.

We turn your mementos into beautiful keepsakes.

Wear your jewellery everywhere.

Your keepsakes can be worn everyday with our waterproof stones. They've undergone laboratory testing to give you a keepsake that can last a lifetime.

From casting to soldering, your keepsakes are handmade using recycled Australian precious metals and ethically sourced birthstones.

Customise your stone to tell your story.

Your keepsake stone is created from your design, with your inclusions.

No keepsake stone is the same, just like your unique story.

We've made designing your keepsake easy with our design menu. Select from the colour and placement swatches available based on your inclusions and setting.

1000+ Keepsakes created every year.


Trusted by customers around the world.

How it works:


Choose your jewellery.

Browse our range of jewellery and choose your favourite setting.

​Our jewellery can hold anything special to you.



Customise your Stone.

Use our design menu to create your unique stone.

Our design menu has been specially curated to make creating your keepsake easy with visual guides.



Send us your Inclusions.

Once you've placed your order you will receive instructions on how to safely mail us your inclusions.

You will be notified when your inclusions arrive to our workshop. Once your inclusions arrive you can use our order status page to view your keepsakes status as it's being handmade.


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Still have questions?

What can I add to my jewellery?

All keepsake jewellery can hold anything special to you, including:

  • Breast milk/Colostrum
  • Formula
  • Ashes
  • Hair/Pet Fur/Feathers
  • Dried Flowers
  • Umbilical stump/Placenta
  • Pregnancy test strips/lines/lids
  • Flowers/Sand/Soil/Fabric
  • Almost anything else
How do I get my inclusions to you?

Once you've placed an order you will receive an email with details about how to safely send your inclusions domestically or internationally.

The process is straightforward either way.

How much do I need to send?

Breastmilk: We can make stones with 2-15ml of breastmilk/colostrum.

Milk can be fresh or frozen. It does not need to be kept cold in transit. Simply send defrosted in a sterile milk storage bag with as much of the air squeezed out as possible. Leftover preserved milk is kept on file for future orders.

Ashes: We recommend sending 1/4 teaspoon of ashes. Any ashes that aren't used for your piece are mailed back to you with your completed jewellery.

Hair: We only need a pinch of hair about 0.5mm thick.

More information on how to send inclusions can be found on the SENDING YOUR INCLUSIONS page.